About us

Established in 1975, Cold Storage Nelson continues to be an adaptable innovator in the field of controlled temperature storage and logistics.

ResizedImageWzQyNSwyODNd about v3 1We handle anything

We handle a wide range of goods; from marine, agricultural, and horticultural products to manufactured food and nutraceuticals, both in the export sector and for domestic and import markets.

Traceable and accountable

We accomplish our goals by being flexible and offering an extensive skill set. We have developed a strong strategic position in the export sector with good skills in inventory control, compliance and traceability that serve our customers well. CSN has balanced its business to deal with the various seasonal fluctuations to ensure asset utilisation is high.

A key part of our growth strategy is our involvement with port-related locations, both in Tauranga and Nelson.

We believe the client comes first, and therefore our inventory management system has been developed specifically to serve the needs of exporters. Our customers and their agents can access their inventory data in real time and can trace individual cartons of product through the system.


ResizedImageWzQyNCwzMDld about us port v3Eco-friendly and efficient

We have made major advances in reducing energy requirements by using advanced process control and design to ensure minimal usage and sophisticated purchasing of energy.

CSN was a Commended EECA Energy Efficiency Awards Finalist in 2014.

We are committed to protect and sustain the environment.

We offer the support you need

The company has supporting transport arrangements and can handle containers in and out of the Nelson stores using side-lifter trailers and transportation between Mt Maunganui and the Port of Tauranga.

Our main store in Tauranga is inside the Port and uses a top lifter to deliver packed containers to the port receiving areas.




Our Values

We are fit to play

We ensure we are safe at work and that everyone goes home each day unharmed. We ensure that our work place is clean, tidy and any risks are identified and dealt with appropriately. Incidents, near misses and accidents are reported and reviewed to ensure improvements can be made. Safety is our number one priority and our people come first.

We play to win

We are ambitious and winning is what drives us forward. Success requires us to make good strategic choices and to prioritise our energies. We set goals, make courageous choices, find the best talent and develop high performing motivated teams. We leverage our strengths and diversity to achieve our goals. Through continuous improvement we strive to be the best at what we do.

We stick to the game plan

We are proud of our reputation for high quality services. We are accountable for the decisions we make. We ensure we follow our quality standards. While our focus will always be on customers we seek to ensure that we do this in a safe, lawful and compliant environment.

We look after the team

We always act with integrity and treat each other with respect. We take personal accountability for our actions. We are enterprising professionals; we depend on each other and we are passionate about what we do. It is this spirit that keeps us moving forward.   We keep ourselves informed, educated and updated about new developments and celebrate our successes. We feel free to challenge any actions that are not aligned to our values.

We make the right calls

We believe in what we do and take every opportunity to pursue excellence. We ensure our solutions meet our customers' needs. We take smart risks, learn from our successes as well as our challenges and have the courage to push boundaries. Even when it’s a challenge we make the right choices and feel we can question any action or decision. We are flexible and agile enough to respond to a changing work environment and the changing needs of our customers.